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Blah Blah Battle - A Political Rap Experience

Yo! Blah Blah Battle is a rhythm game where you select the correct words of a political speech in time with a stankin' beat, dawg! You are a politician giving a public speech where you choose what you say - hip hop style.


The game was originally planned to have 3 play stages - representing local, state, and federal government respectively.

One full level of the game (local government) has been completed, along with lyrics, level graphics, user interface, and music.

The vision for the game was to progress through the levels of government, with each rap being themed around that particular level. To progress and unlock the next level you would need to achieve a certain score from the current level, representing your personal popularity.

Scoring is primarily determined by your accuracy when selecting from a set of 4 word choices, when a word or phrase is missing from the speech, as represented by the question mark placeholder "???". To gain popularity you need to say the words that sensibly fit the current sentence. Your choices are rated as "correct", "not so correct", "incorrect", and "you're a delinquent". The lowest score is also given for non-selection.

Additionally, scoring is adjusted based on how "on the beat" you are. Successive correct answers on the beat will give you a score multiplier (up to 4x).

Number Keys: 1, 2, 3, 4 (select word)
OR Mouse (select word)
Letter Keys: R (restart)

Gotta give the people a VOICE, yo!

Thanks to the fine organisers of TasJam, including Eloise Ducky & Jason Imms, and our fine judges Kamina Vincent, Lauren Clinnick and Katie Gall! Here's to many more successful TasJams in future.

Team Credits:

--Maven Consortium--

Game design:

Philip Loenneker
Andrew Bakker
Nicholas King


Philip Loenneker
Andrew Bakker

Graphics, Music & Lyrics:

Nicholas King

Install instructions

Extract the archive to a folder.

Run the executable file.

Select the highest resolution you can, preferably 1920x1080. Note that you need to select a wide-screen (16:9) resolution to ensure you can see the full screen.


Blah Blah Battle v0.0001.rar 14 MB